This series of Doctor Who is damn near perfect.

It has certainly been the most consistently brilliant series in the last nine years, I feel. Capaldi is wonderful as the Doctor, Clara remains absolutely stunningly brilliant as Clara, the writers have been pushing out some bloody marvellous content, Murray Gold’s music remains godly as ever, and the cinematography is of such high quality.

I’ve got nothing but positive feelings towards this series.



  1. Edge of Destruction is better than The Daleks
  2. The Rescue is better than The Dalek Invasion of Earth
  3. The Gunfighters is better than The Celestial Toymaker
  4. Power of the Daleks is better than everything, ever.
  5. Enemy of the World is better than Web of Fear
  6. The Mind Robber is better than The…

Saving this for when I actually finish my watch of Classic Who.